QWELL is pure science

 We are grateful that the Rousselot company granting us access to their extensive collagen database, clinical studies, and tests, as we are one of the users of Peptan* in our Qwell drinks.*Peptan, a registered trade mark of Rousselot, is the world's leading collagen peptides brand. Rousselot is the brand of Darling ingredients.

Why hydrolyzed collagen?

Qwell’s absorption level is >90% as it contains
the full list of amino acids needed for type 1 collagen synthesis.

Why Qwell collagen water?

Qwell is a beauty and well-being beverage with maximal collagen absorption,
enriched with essential vitamins & minerals.

The functional beverages Qwell are developed and produced by leading specialists
in a technologically advanced environment in Slovakia.

Qwell is a proven solution for taking daily care
of your appearance, activeness and well-being.


Qwell Collagen drink has been developed on the basis of the broad scientific data