What is collagen, why collagen?

Functions of collagen:

  1. Structure and support: Collagen provides tissues with their shape and resistance. In the skin, it contributes to elasticityand firmness, while in bones and tendons, it provides the rigidity and flexibility needed to support movement.
  2. Repair and regeneration: Collagen aids in the repair of damaged tissues and regeneration of cells, which is crucial for wound healing.
  3. Organ protection: It forms a protective layer around certain vital organs to shield them from damage.

Why take collagen?

The use of collagen, especially in the form of supplements, has become popular for various health and wellness reasons:

•Skin Health: Collagen can help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and increase hydration, contributing to a more youthful appearance.
•Joint and Bone Health: Collagen supplements can help reduce joint pain and improve bone density, which is beneficialfor people suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis.
•Hair and Nail Health: It can strengthen hair and nails, making them less brittle.
•Athletic Performance: For athletes, collagen can help improve muscle recovery and the health of tendons and ligaments, thereby reducing the risk of injuries.
•Digestion: Collagen can aid in digestive health by strengthening the intestinal wall, which can be beneficial for people with digestive disorders.

To summarize: Collagen is essential for the structure and health of various body tissues. Its use in supplement form canoffer several benefits, including for the skin, joints, hair, nails, and digestion.

How does it works?

Collagen has a unique amino acid composition, containing high amounts of hydroxyproline.

Hydroxyproline forms hydrolysis-resistant bonds with other amino acids. Bioactive peptides work as messengers, exerting a wide range of biological effects (bioactivity) in different tissues, e.g. bone, joint, skin, fascia of muscle.

Peptane holistic infographics, provided by Rousselot, p.1

*All references and the full infographic material are available at the www.peptan.com website

Qwell collagen drink contains 5g of Peptan* collagen in 500 ml bottle.

Peptan collagen by Rousselot is well known for its numerous health, beauty, and wellness benefits, particularly for skin, hair, joints, and bones. The dosage effect is a crucial aspect of Peptan’s efficacy: the higher the dose, the greater the benefits.

Studies have shown that increasing the dosage of Peptan can significantly enhance its beneficial effects.

For more detailed information, including specific clinical study results, you can visit the Peptan website and download their whitepaper on collagen peptides for skin beauty and hair health​ (Peptan)​​ (Rousselot)​.

*Peptan a registered trademark of Rousselot, is the world’s leading collagen peptides brand. Rousselot is the health brand of Darling ingredients.