Ingestão oral de Peptídeos Bioativos de Colágeno na Melhoria da Pele e Cabelo: Estudos Clínicos por Medidas Instrumentais

Patricia M. B. G. Maia Campos*, Maísa Oliveira de Melo, Marina Mendes Fossa Shirata, Marcella Gabarra Leite

Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas de Ribeirão Preto da Universidade de São Paulo. Av. do Café S/N – CEP: 14040-903, Monte Alegre, Ribeirão Preto, Brasil

* corresponding author / autor para correspondência:


The effect of collagen peptides on various aspects of skin and hair physiology is known but needs further studies. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the clinical changes in skin and hair after 90 days of treatment with oral supplementation of 5 g/day of collagen peptides. For this, 60 healthy female participants were enrolled, aged 45 to 60 years old, with the primary objective of evaluating the effect of the ingestion of a bioactive collagen peptides- based supplementation in the cutaneous microrelief, reduction of wrinkles, thickness, and echogenicity of the dermis, as well as in the mechanical properties of the hair using biophysical and skin imaging techniques. The present study showed important benefits in relevant skin visual parameters, dermis density, and hair strength with the obtained data. In addition, considering that the aging process affects the hair’s mechanical resistance due to hair fiber thinner, the proposed treatment was effective for aged hair. In conclusion, the collagen peptides oral supplementation is essential not only for improving skin conditions but also for hair care once it significantly increases the mechanical hair resistance evaluated by objective measurements.

Keywords: Collagen peptides, skin aging, skin imaging techniques, hair mechanical properties, clinical study

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