Movement & Sport

In several studies, Peptan collagen peptides have been observed to promote Mobility benefits:*

1.Improved mobility and joint function

2.Bone health:

-Stimulation of bone formation

-Increase in bone density and decrease of bone loss

3.Positive effect on maintaining healthy cartilage

4.Potential protection against mobility discomfort

That is why consuming qwell collagen water regularly will help you to achieve significant health benefits like enhanced bone density, reduced joint pain after exercising, quicker muscle regeneration and consequently an overall improved fitness level.

1)Jiang, J., Collagen peptides improve knee osteoarthritis in elderly women.A 6-month randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Agro FOOD industry Hi Tech, 2014. 25(2). 2)Rousselot data 3)Dar, Q.A., et al., Daily oral consumption of hydrolyzed type 1 collagen is chondroprotective and anti-inflammatory in murine posttraumatic osteoarthritis. PLoS One, 2017. 12(4): p. e0174705.

Mobile lifestyle for all

Figure 1.(left) Symptom-relieving effects of Peptan: development of the WOMAC score assessing joint function discomfort (decreased score =improvement) after the intake of Peptan or placebo over the duration of 6 months (Jiangm 2014).

Figure 2.(right) Peptan improves joint functionality: development of the Lyshoim score assessing joint function (increased score = improvement) after the intake of Peptan or placebo over the duration of 6 months (Jiangm 2014).

Find out more in the scientific study Performance and Recovery, page 10

Performance & Recovery

Peptan collagen peptides have been observed to promote Sports Nutrition benefits:**

Reduction of muscle soreness after exercise

Acceleration of recovery after exercise

Increased performance due to decreased soreness

Reduction of number of awakenings and improved cognitive performance

Does not alter exercise-induced gut issues; hence aiding in gut comfort

Partial substitution of whey would yield the same results on recovery & performance, while reaping both proteins’ benefits


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Joint health:

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Mix&Match for health

collagens are compatible to blend with other functional ingredients holding Sports Nutrition health claims as approved by EFSA and others such as:

Qwell drinks

contain 5g of collagen in a 500 ml bottle and are enriched with vitamins and nutrients.

The green apple flavour, contains the element considered essential for Sport Nutrition, such as Magnesium, in addition to Zinc and B12.

Testimonials from athletes tell us that they take Qwell with caffeine (watermelon flavour) before training for the energizing effect and performance, and supplement with Qwell magnesium, after the session, to facilitate physical recovery. At the same time as hydrating themselves, they provide their bodies with essential elements.

Brochure provided by Rousselot: Sports Nutrition_Markg_12-2023_V1.0_LR, p.5