The publication of the verbatim of the «Rendez-vous Tactics»

The publication of the verbatim of the «Rendez-vous Tactics», a transcription of the conferences organized at the Paris 2023 International Agricultural Show, has brought together some of the speakers from law firm “Tactics” which have been held for the past 9 years. “Tactics” is recognized for its cutting-edge expertise in food and consumer law, competition, commercial litigation, among others.

Qwell collagen waters, a niche product today, aim to leave their mark in the creation of the new category of «smart» and functional beverages.

Malgorzata Thouard with maitre Julia Bombardier, Co-founder of law firm “Tactics”

PhD Naira Adamyan, MD

Qwell's challenges and strategy were presented by Naira Adamyan in a chapter featuring recent examples of innovations and market trends. 

Mrs.Malgorzata Thouard

outlines the challenges facing Welldrinks France.