Frequently Asked Questions

Regular intake of collagen contributes to good-looking and smoother skin and gives you more youthful appearance. Collagen also helps for the rapid recovery after exercise, keeps the joints healthy and strengthens the bone structure.

After the age of 25 a person produces about 1% less collagen in the skin each year. So, it’s a good idea to start taking collagen in your 20s to mitigate future collagen loss as your body starts losing more collagen during the late 20s.

According to Rousselot and various studies in the market of collagen products a serving size, typically ranging from 5 to 15 grams per day.

A bottle of Qwell with 5 grams collagen per day appears to be effective, but taking an extra 1 or 2 bottles will give you better results. Qwell has no side effect.

Qwell is a very convenient way of collagen utilization. It gives you a pleasure of flavor, but the most importantly it is a good combination of hydration and functionality: while hydrating yourself, you absorb collagen and other essential ingredients supporting of superior performance. One can use it at any time during the day.

Not only can you but you should! Because if you supplement external use with internal use, you will see a much better result in less time.

Results time does vary from person to person. Minor results are seen by week 4, and major results at 12 weeks.

Qwell is made with premium quality bovine collagen type 1, which is the most abundant collagen type in the body. Soon we will be having marine collagen for those who prefer fish based products. Unfortunately there is no true collagen for vegans, because collagen cannot be sourced from plants. However scientists are working to create a different mixture of amino acids from plants, reminding collagen. 

The main factors that deplete your collagen levels are unhealthy diet, smoking, stress and UV exposure.